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The phrase, from The Merchant of Venice, is "a pound of flesh," but She has never read Shakespeare. Revelations is Her book of choice.
She carves an ounce at a time.
The first time, I was able to curl my fingertips under my bottom-most ribs. Another wa(more)
If I had an ounce of confidence I still wouldn't go.
We're having coffee, right? Just coffee,
yet the weight of my expectation could fill this room.

I am a heart melt big mac for this, (more)
Dogs and love and friends and the folks and all that cracked nail polish and laughing and the radio and spanish lessons and bread and lust and angry drivers and better writers and frowning dates and the internet connection and wet laundry and the tv antenna and the forsaken(more)
"I've only got so much left, you know."
"Come on, man, I told you I'd pay."
"Yeah, yeah, all right. Let me get it. And listen, be careful with this stuff, okay?"
"Why? It's not dangerous, not addictive, not-"
"That's what they all fucking say. I don't want another(more)
i have not seen a sun in three weeks
because there is murk in my eyes and my breath has turned to pound upon pound of grain
heavy grain
the kind you can't toss around
my hands shake and skitter and that isn't even the extent of my nerve(more)
An ounce was all it ever took
Then the drugs held me with their hook.

As a child this life began
They robbed my innocence; made me a man.
How much is an ounce? More than a milliliter, for sure. But not very much, really. Unless it's something like perfume, I suppose. Or cocaine?

Or prevention. In which case it's worth more than a pound of... shit, how does that expression go? An ounce of prevention is(more)
My Drug

Love was my addiction
The chemical fire that thrummed in my brain
Spraying sparks that flared in my nerves
That caught in my blood and burnt in my veins (more)