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The thrill of the music still lingered in the place. A few shafts of light still touched down variously onto the darkness of the theatre. I sat there running my thumb and index down the seam of my coat repeatedly.

The heavy empty. The heavy empty. I repeated(more)
We're somewhere in Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4, but all I can think about is how I would fuck the brakes off of her.

When she started out with us, I realized just how much faith I can put in muscle memory. Right now, I have no idea which(more)
the orchestra plays
on; the audience has stepped
out to check their feeds
it hit me right there when I saw how illusive the truth was, how oblivious I was to the scheme of life itself, how blinded by  my own idiocy, my own longing to complicating existence, while everything there is, is there in the simplest fashion, a grand, elegant design, of(more)
The road ran before them, stretched to the horizon. Sunlight bounced off of blacktop, heat rising in shimmering waves as cars raced along the unbroken stretch of interstate.

This, more than a windowless bunker tucked away underground, more than a random dirty motel room - more than anything,(more)
  Never have sex in an orchestra pit. If there was any advice Laurie Bernard, acclaimed life coach who held seminars across the country and whose patients ranged from EGOT winners to single mothers who could barely afford the half a grand each of her sessions cost, could give you,(more)
"STRIKE UP THE BAND" shouted the man at the front of the pack of rag tag musicians. Instantly everyone sprang into action. All who were sat were suddenly standing and those that were already stood positioned themselves, preparing to use their bizarre looking instruments. I had been standing there(more)
"Are we nearly there yet?"  
No.  Not yet.  Nearly there now.  

The concrete walls had given way to hedgerows as the sun began to sink on the horizon.  Would he miss it?  Was it enough to make him change his mind?  The beauty of the world an(more)