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"We have no choice. We have nothing. Don't you understand. It's hopeless."  
She didn't want to hear it. Not now not here. She turned her eyes away looking towards where the lies once covered the truth. Yet it was empty and void of filling her soul.  
"If it's hopeless...then(more)
I still can't grasp the concept of consciousness.  Thought, awareness, sensory perception. They say it's just humans that have this depth of ability - but how can we really be sure? What if the birds and the beasts can think in a similar way - remember, communicate, collaborate. How many(more)
She must have eyes everywhere.  There's no way she doesn't.  Those people are all gossip and intrigue.  Why was she not invited?  Still better be on my best behavior.  A couple of her friends are here.  Well, I don't know if they are still friends.  Best(more)
You are tired of the constant supervision. You are tired of unseen eyes (you know that they are golden and that they are so very angry) watching you at every waking moment, every sleeping second, and everything in between.