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Whenever he needed to clear his head, there was always Alphonse.

Edward bounded across the grass, his bare foot sliding slightly as he angled himself to absorb the attack and return it, his automail pinging off of Alphonse's tough armor exterior. There were few things in this world(more)
I sat on a train going to New York City. The rain was drizzling down the windows and the grey color in the sky had everyone in an idle mood.

I sat listening to my iPod as Death Cab For Cutie set the mood for this crucial momen(more)
Elly swung her sword at the wooden targets, pretending they were Lord Edward instead, which was perhaps uncharitable and definitely borderline treasonous, but she couldn't help it. The man, currently practicing his archery in the far corner, was infuriating, though technically through no fault of his own, and Elly(more)