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Reality began to collapse around my head, crumbling to pieces. I wasn't right. I was an anomaly. I was ahead of time, past the point where I was supposed to be dead, which a time traveler is never meant to do.

Her fingertips slipped from mine in the(more)
I can always tell when I've arrived too late. There's a shift in the atmosphere that I can feel in my gut. In an ideal world, I could just leave and travel back again to an earlier time, but it isn't that easy.

You would think that tim(more)
He was ahead of his time, they'll say, when I'm a real artist - or maybe when I'm dead. He saw what we didn't. He knew. That's what they'll say when they think of me. That's when they'll realize they were wrong about me for all those years of(more)
Not later now, now now. yeah, I'll do it when I'm done with when I finish thinking about after I catch up on that thing I meant to do before that other thing happened.

not ahead of time. is it possible to get in front of time, t(more)
saved us both a lot
of grief by divorcing my
guy ahead of time
The cold dark room filled me with fear. How did I get to this place and why am I here? Questions raced through my head but deep down I knew the answer. Then, out of the corner, a figure appeared. Draped in a black robe he put his hand(more)
Her lips trace the lines in mine. I feel like a hologram glinting in the sun. I have come early and I have come weary. I need that taste in my mouth and the echo reaches in and around.

She was early, ahead of time like an eeri(more)
What if we are all ahead of our time? What if that's why a lot of us like to live in the past? Our souls displaced by a movement in the big scheme of things, we like to believe that our system is infallible and that our world is(more)