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These lazy days
Where the mind travels further than the body
We are caged like animals against the cold air
Days broken and limping
Boredom seeping, like some deadly gas through the window
Whiskey and waiting: finding my evening
Somewhere near the fire.

they say eyes are the
window to the soul and that's
why i cover mine
My Nan's fridge magnet said:  

If you see a light at the end of the tunnel it's probably a train!  

When I first read it, I laughed. Not that it was so funny. Just part of me was delighted that my spartan Nana had herself been amused(more)
Sometimes, you can sit alone, quiet, for hours upon hours, thinking about life and all of the bad decisions that you've made.

I never really had a choice.
for me to see out
not for others to see in
a blessing of peace
She looked through the window most of the time, every day, longingly staring at the children that were just past the warped glass. She always ended up placing her hand on the glass, though she was never aware of when she did it. But, hours later, she would feel(more)
A window is something you take for granted until you no longer have one.

They made me move my cubicle from the part of the office with windows to the part without windows. It was part of a greater, yet completely arbitrary, "reorganization" the goal of which wa(more)
Late at night, I crack the blinds just enough to where I can see the stars and let the moonlight hit my face. Safe from the outside world I can see everything that happens, and dream of what could happen. Nothing is impossible, just me and the moon, separated(more)
my heart is a
window with the
shades drawn tight

impossible to look into
but not entirely difficult to (more)
It's a muffled squawk and a dull thud that jolts him out of his book and shoves him back into reality. Which was really weird,  seeing as how no one was home.

There was also the fact that this was the third floor.

Quickly slotting a bookmark in(more)
I stood on the damp grass, with my shoes soaking up water. I kicked my heel deeper into the dirt, and glanced across the field at him.

Maybe I could have run up to him and started a conversation. He could have told I joke, and I might(more)
When she looks at her older brother, she sees happiness and joy and love for his new wife, Julia. He doesn't know she's seen the marks on Julia's skin, just barely covered by the fabric of the white dress.

When she looks at her younger brother, she sees(more)
available, already yours
& pushing in (behind closed doors,
remember?) my harassing way
which you kept floating
filed away, accepting
how i thrust at you (more)
A window stares
Right out through me
And I can see the stars
Peeking shyly from behind their clouds,
As nervous cast members peek out from behind a curtain.
Her hands pressed against the glass, breath puffing out to fog over the pane in sharp, excited clouds. She was sweaty and her eyes were closed, and he could see the rocking motions from where he stood in the garden below.
It was dark and she was lit fro(more)