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Grandfather rumbled from white capped peak to tree-lined base, his belly full on the dust of the earth.

Sixty million years of growth.
Sixty million years of history silently, sullenly watched.

Peoples and animals had crossed his body without regard, leaving craters and scorch marks and flowers(more)
One day of lapse in maintenance, of letting dishes pile, of not scrubbing deeply the bodily crevices, of spooning peanut butter with a soiled finger, one day was all that was necessary to shake Brendan free from this world, or world free of him. Just a slight acceleration of(more)
"Class-Story Starter," Ms. P. wrote on the chalkboard. "In a valley of . . ."

"In a valley of," Chloe copied, and then continued, "hundreds of soft, meowing kittens rolled and played." She passed the paper back, to Henry.

He kicked Chloe's chair after he'd read her(more)
high school causes regression in everyone who walks the halls.

teachers run around the courtyard pelting each other with water balloons. eventually two female teachers remain, scramble for amo, for cover.

the football coach says, "this is probably the first time they've done this since college." (more)
A valley of light, of happines. That was all Rebecca Chandler felt. But even though the place was incredibly blissful, deep inside her, she felt like something was missing. And she even knew what that thing was, too.