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They don't even have enough fear in them to smile to disarm. The young people at the bar are naturally charming, because no one has ever told them to fuck off and meant it. As she slings drinks, the smiles Deandra sees across the bartop are genuine, or at(more)
Even though I met her years ago, I was just starting to get to know her now. She moved in next door when I was 9, and I had barely ever talked to her. My neighbor was nice enough, as was her family, but I just didn't get around(more)
When I get home from work my nostrils are assaulted by the smell of dirty laundry and foodleft out too long. The apartment is a disaster. Dirty clothes lie discarded upon the floor or hang draped across tables and shelves. The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes, and(more)
He had a charming smile.
For me that's how it always starts.
A charming smile, a hint of cockiness and an inkling of flirtatiousness with...
You want me? (more)
There are times when I misread my emotions.
Times when I can't comprehend my anger
or associate with my contempt.
Yet somehow I am alleviated (by a face so simple);

my muscles twitch and a laugh (more)
I pulled up to the drive through menu with my window rolled down and vague thoughts about how hot it was rolling through my head. When the voice pushed its way past the speaker, through the static, and into my car to assault my eardrum, I could tell. That(more)
It was.
He could still remember that smile -- could still see it, if he shut his eyes, or squinted into the sun, superimposed in white and red. He had never been long without it, not even at funerals, not even leading the crowd at bloody riots. The girls(more)
I'm already at the fifth starred can and even though every next tape brings me closer to retching, I can't take my eyes off the flickering image. The thrill of the forbidden, the anxiety mingled with the hope that the world remains ignorant of what I'm doing.
A charming smile
Beckoning me forth for a while
Pulling me closer and closer every day
I know it may seem cliché
I want you to be my first kiss
You are sweet and caring and give me bliss (more)