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When I am finished with stumbling around, pretending I will actually generate something worth while eventually, I will probably generate something that is obviously halfhearted and weak.

It is difficult to unfetter oneself.
the rules are easy
close your eyes, open your mind
shut out all the noise
How can I describe the feeling of the light?
It was painful. It stung.

The cloth stuck to my face, being bound to the skin by the glue of sweat, tears and dirt. They merely tugged it and shoved me off the moving truck.

I was blin(more)
In Theo's experience, when you showed someone a blindfold, they tended to interpret it in one of two ways: it represented either a game, or kidnapping.

The interesting part, to Theo, were those few wavering moments, as he tied it on, while they tried to decide which one(more)