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when i was five i asked santa for a tonka truck. he brought me two: a shiny yellow dump truck and an orange cement truck.
when i was eight i asked santa for roller skates. i got the metal kind that fit over my shoes. they came with (more)
My childhood chimney stood thin as an orphaned branch,
languid posture, miraculously upright as if wedged between the bark skins of a hollow log

the two spouts were covered by a grate (more)
So my friend believes in the most ridiculous fairy tales. On her way home from school, she picks up any frog she finds and kisses them, searching for her prince. She owns voodoo dolls that look oddly familiar and speaks to ghosts that she believes are there. She also(more)
In department stores, in commercials, in
tacky parades, selling everything from dolls
to lottery tickets to bottles of scotch.

A creature of infinite mirth, his smile
so radiant he seems to have come straight (more)