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It'sa he-said/she-said kinda thing. Shoulda been clear but you don't want to start with a contract and glossary. Don't know if I could. I pitched it as a friendship, he took it as an escapade, we got sloppy and switched positions halfway through but didn't realize it, and there(more)
I was sorry his wife loved me more than him. Ryan and Sara had been together for 17 years. High-school sweet-hearts to king and queen of the San_Francisco swinging scene. I wandered into threesome along that developmental journey, and Sara and I clicked in a way that two people(more)
i'm sorry
i'm sorry about all that shit i said about you
saying you liked buff men in uniform
and that's why you want to sign up
you'll be a good marine iain
this time i promise i'm not foolin (more)
I'm sorry we were each others' pile of dreams.
I'm sorry I couldn't find it in myself
To be strong like you,
To push through pain like you,
To take all the good in my life
And make it mine. (more)
No matter how I press
How I confess, how I distress
Over the lesser of two evils
We will ne'er address the mess
Of my obsession-led dissent
To distant lands of madness met (more)
"Um...I...I'm sorry," your voice trembles, but you force yourself to look up at him, only to avert your gaze back to your shoes not even a second later.
"Huh?" your voice seems to have broken him out of his thoughts. Was he thinking about something important? No, he definitely(more)