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I wish I could stop time.
Ok maybe not exactly stop time, but I wish I could control time.
In the midst of all the devastation around me, the one thing that would keep me sane is the one thing I can't seem to find the time to do(more)
I wish:

To have wine with dinner tonight. To hear the whine of a percolator making coffee. To have a cup of coffee ready for me every morning. To never stay long in mourning. To elongate my waking hours and always be rested. To take pleasure in every(more)

Rocket ship flailing into the black
Whizzing past multitudes of shimmering orbs
Missing by light-years an outstretched appendage
Reaching for communion that can only be dreamt
"Wishing verbs take the subjunctive, a tense that has really fallen out of fashion in English. I suspect this is because, as Merriam-Webster defines *subjunctive*, the word, quote, 'represents a denoted act or state not as fact but as contingent or possible or viewed emotionally.' End. Quote. How old-fashioned!(more)
The next two years: after Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple, the company undergoes a significant transformation, diving into the deep end of the gaming world. They produce a new fantasy-world franchise, with multiplatform video games, a movie spinoff, and an extensive collection of fiction.

They're calling(more)
Too caught in the web of reality
Too distraught by the threats of uncertainty

I lie awake on my bed
Hoping that everything
is not what it really seems to be (more)