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just around the bend, the gravel leads to a strange house, crooked on the side of a hill, wherein a woman lays in wait of death. i find her every morning out on the second story deck with a cup of something hot and the steam rising out of(more)
blood like lightning
illuminate my veins
and burn my skin
I feel it
when you touch me still
its been raining a lot this week,
and i know its cliche,
but when it rains i always look out my window and think of you.
and you're probably confused as to why,
its not like we kissed in the rain a la the notebook,
or you stood outside(more)
I feel it
This emptiness
The looks of pity
That surround me.
an eternal ringing in my ears
loud and obnoxious
so loud i am going deaf
like the silence of a bad date
or the ominous foreshadow of a humid summer night
approaching, slowly coming closer. I stand frozen in the darkness, eyes squeezed shut tight.

"It's only a dream," I whisper to myself as a cold wind begins to tear around me. My hands clench into fists involuntarily against the unexpected chill.

Then there's a warm breath on(more)
I can feel it seeping into my clothes, the wet pasting fabric to skin. I owned a raincoat, of course. And an umbrella. Neither of them is too far away for me to justify leaving them at home, but I have anyway. I can hear her words vaguely far(more)
Never in my mind did I believe that this day would come so quickly, in the manner that it did. The warmth of my life pouring out of the fresh hole ripped into me by a cold blade of steel, or seeing the red stain begin to grow on(more)
I feel it in my Sunday morning cup of tea.
I feel it in the warm summer breeze, caressing my face.
I feel it in a warm hug from you.
I feel it in the chirp of the birds, first thing in the morning.
I feel it in the(more)
i feel it i sniff
it i taste it but only
after some begging