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I've been in and out of so many.

They call me crazy, and maybe they're right. They are right, they are right, I am crazy.

Late at night, in my apartment. On the bed. The needles, in rows. Waiting, waiting.

I just got out(more)
Tears welled up in his eyes, pain causing his vision to blur. He clenched his stomach, hydrochloric acid burning his esophagus. His mouth opened, and release. Vomit escaped his mouth into the toilet, chunks of the last dinner apparent in the puddle of bile laying on the bathroom tile.(more)
Professor Helskin and his class were studying the sun's corona when he began to notice some bizarre readings indicating disproportionately powerful flares of radiation erupting from opposite sides of the sun.    
the feeling I get when I embark on a new project. My thoughts clutter with a mixture of excitement and joy. I get immersed in the developmental process, overlooking all aspects and covering all angles. Approaching the starting line, I can feel the adrenaline circulating throughout my body. I'm(more)
Moments go by in silence, just staring. There are awkward giggles and blown kisses, but no words. I look at you, you accept all of me. You challenge me, in the silence, to be a better person. You make me question what I thought life was. I grow, and(more)
When Hanna was born the whole family was so excited they forgot to get Martha from softball practice.

Martha and her coach sat on the bleachers surrounding the field for three hours before her aunt Mary pulled up. Embarrassed, Martha got into the car with her head dow(more)