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i can't even begin to process you. i like to put things in little neat boxes, to analyze them into oblivion until i've got it all figure out. it was all fine before you, i knew what little cliches everyone fit into. well, everyone but me. i was the(more)
She slammed the laptop closed, an aborted laugh on her lips. Her eyes met with the other girl, curled up at her side with her own iPad in her lap, and the silence said it all.

Tumblr? (more)
The only thing I can say is "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and the tears fall so fast and the salt stains my cheeks. But I'm so calm, so composed even while sobbing, and that frightens me even more than the apologies do.
just three little words
but try as they might, not ones
i wanted to hear.
Because I write so much and so often, the worlds in my head are just as real as the world I live in.
And they often overlap and bisect the world I live in in strange ways.
For instance, sometimes I come across something in my waking hours, a(more)
Her eyes narrowed like a road when it goes from 4 to 2 lanes. Her nostrils were flaring with her silent-pissy breathing. Leta was perched on her couch and already half-way through a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Short-French-manicured nails dug into her the arm of her love-seat. Someday she'd(more)
i can't even feel
the hands around me
the touch, abounding
they brush, hearts sounding
above all this madness
the pain and the sadness (more)
No really, I can't.  

I can't even begin to get'ta typing up this assignment, this eight page monstrosity on the nexus of hip hop and politics, law and social change and Blackness in America.  

He doesn't /want/ to hear my truest thoughts on the matter.
My world glows in the cloak of darkness,
Limbs growing cold as they fall to the sullenness,
Eyes weeping without any tears
To add to the lake
Of despair looming here,
For to me I can’t even stand to be me, (more)
she turns back to me
as she leaves, her face wrapped in shadows
and for a moment i wonder
what it would be like if i hadn't messed up

if i hadn't yelled (more)
He relaxes completely once they cross the town's perimeter, smiling in earnest as the wagon slows to a stop in front of his university. "This is simply excellent! You certainly have gone above and beyond with your service. Why, if not for you there's no doubt I'd have gotten(more)
Why is this happening oh my gosh help I don't know what to do and how could that but but but why
"I can't even do one thing right!" She was in hysterics, tears streaming down her face, her hair messy from hands running through it, her face red and her mouth twisted open. She was alone, so it was okay to scream, okay to let her tears show. If mother(more)
I woke up to the smoke alarm.
I ran outside in my pajamas screaming my head off. The neighbors stared. Then my boyfriend, who had snuck into my apartment sometime in the wee hours of the morning, looked out my window laughing his head off.
Apparently, it was Apri(more)
I can't even find him. I have 3 hours left, and he's still hidden. I knew I shouldn't have accepted this contract.

But, hey, what stupidities can an individual do for money?

Plus it's not even a luxury to do this: if I could, I'd be watching(more)