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I hurried towards the bleachers, but they were still far ahead. Suddenly, I heard a tremendous noise. The roar of seven immense rockets trembled the horizon. Water rippled in the bay, flocks of birds fled the safety of their perches, and car alarms were blaring inaudibly in the distance. (more)
Ronnie loved to eat, in fact he loved to eat so much that over the years he had gained over a hundred pounds in body fat. Ronnie is a fully grown man in his twenties, who still lives with his mommy, who spoils him.  
Never ask a woman what's wrong. She will never tell you. Ever.

It was such a long and dreary winter for the small town of Holy Cross. Sitting downstream from a glacier in the shadow of a dozen jagged summits, it was the story book Alpine village isolated from the real world. Here, away from the eyes of outsiders, villagers welcomed(more)
Little Aaron was at home alone one day and found his favorite toy hidden in his parent's bedroom when poking around in places he would never be allowed to go. Under his parent's bed he found all kinds of toys that he was sure were his, but most of(more)
Detective Elijah Mitchell had not been sleeping well for the past few weeks because of some disturbing dreams, a distinct girl's voice whispering into his ear, beckoning him, "Help me, Eli!" He had woken up in a furious sweat after each occurrence, the first few times the voice was(more)
My stomach growls and beckons me, the hunger of a growing child screams inside an enfeebled adult husk. I lazily open my eyes, and reluctantly force myself awake and roll out bed like a burlap sack of potatoes. Dragging my feet around as if my bed sheets were shackling(more)
Professor Helskin and his class were studying the sun's corona when he began to notice some bizarre readings indicating disproportionately powerful flares of radiation erupting from opposite sides of the sun.    
In most novels that I have read, the protagonists of the story is inevitably shielded by a wall of what a friend and I call 'plot armor'. The characters in question will invariably escape with their lives despite facing  impossible odds because they are required to be alive for the(more)
Jose used to be a happy-go-lucky fifteen year old and only wanted to play soccer all day, but his family was always telling him what to do. Feeling the pressure from his parents and in-laws to make babies, Jose caved in a couple of years ago and made a(more)
Galileo looked up into the sky, mesmerized by the pinholes in the black fabric of the cosmos. As a child he dreamed of climbing the mountains and being able to touch the sky, wondering what it felt like to catch the sun and moon in his hands like ripe(more)
Nothing angered me like being second to another man, I had been fooled into falling in love with a tramp. It was only a matter of time until another so-called friend helped me learn the hard way that she never loved me, when I found them fucking each other(more)
        Damned fools should have taken heed of the instructors' directions to stay clear of the steep cliff, but these stubborn and exhausted teens refused to march another few hundred feet to a safe distance away from the loose rocks and boulders looming perilously overhead and lear(more)
Never go to college and hope for a career.
Get a job first and learn about yourself.
Make plenty of friends in the process.
Meet lots of people and shake many hands.
Work harder than you've ever worked.
Earn trust, build rapport, and your reputation. (more)
Abraham Lincoln stated that he could not tell a lie.

As a child learning U.S. History, I was fully invested in that statement. Abe was surely an incorruptible man, a great and honest leader of our country.