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Film noir
Coffee or whiskey
It doesn't really matter at this point.
Days and nights muddled together
like a good Old Fashioned.
Words and thoughts
jumbled to the point of chaos. (more)
The future is written
By little Guatemalan children
With a giant cross for the T

The future is written
By generations of blinded fools (more)
The girl at the end of the bar,
Her cigarette winks at me
Like an unabashed come hither stare.
The glow hides a razorblade smile.
The last wine of light disintegrates
Exposing horns beneath  halos, (more)
Before the evening flattened me
The wine glass tinted the surroundings a deep magenta.
A voice piercing through the tin armor of night.
Upon thighs and closed eyes,
a laugh crinkles your nose. (more)
Grey envelops the sky
Like the stage at curtain call
We are all actors in the same play
Pawns to the imperious nothing

The mystery unravels (more)
We are born alone, and
We die alone
Everything in the middle is pretend
Surrounded by loved ones
Who don’t really love you
Just the moments (more)
It gets dark so early this time of year.
The sun sinks away at five.
The children slink away at seven.
The streets bathed in sin and song.
A hemorrhage of light bleeds through the alleyways,
rounding the dark corners near my window. (more)
In an evening of summer blue
As the light quietly declines,
Dreaming, I allow the cool breeze
To touch my bare skin.

Allow my thoughts to drift to you, (more)
Beneath a silent forest floor
Where a brook sings so loudly.
My mind begins to swim
With a lost love that is no more.

The green creeping up the rolling knoll. (more)
A candle burning soft.
Long tongues of flame licking
the belly of the night.
Hopes or dreams or thinly veiled wishes
have long forgotten me.
My mind races and halts at random stops (more)
It's hard to think of us
alone on this rock;
spinning, spiraling.
Just a black and blue contusion
on the edge of the cosmos.
Then I see that red outline on your ass. (more)
All the forlorn hacks
And insomniacs
Easy Street’s a thousand miles away
My mind’s racing,
But the finish line keeps escaping
My grasp (more)
Women like this’ll just lay you out stiff
Shoes untied, but I’m staring down a goodbye
There ain’t much else on my mind
Except for the shoulda’s and coulda’s
And wonderin’ what the hell this was
Love or a car crash? (more)
Saintly sinners and
Curly-haired clouds broadcast
The glittering skyline
Anxieties hanging with a sharpness
Of broken stained-glass
Fingers of daylight close
like an empty fist.
The city is darker than black.
The day's almost midnight
and secrets have been passed.
Drunken words for a sober mind. (more)