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Do the math, add it up, one plus two is four, run the numbers....
You have one mother plus one father they have four kids. They teach those kids to hate, in subliminal ways mind you. Those kids marry and have two kids each, that they teach to hate.(more)
As we marched on city streets, trying to get a word in edgewise, you knocked us over

We have a voice about the way of this land, yet your tear gas knocked us over
you rang me up yesterday
five, six urgent bursts
with crooked arm, i answered

you, breathless
I was never in the dark. Even in uterus I had my eyes wide open. For if they closed, how could I see all of the horror and beauty? We need a mixture of both so that one never forgets what came before, is happening now and what lies(more)
I have never had a pair of new shoes. Every pair ever given to me were either too big, small or had holes in the soles. Boss man gave me some boots one year that he claimed were new, but I saw the scuff marks on the sides and(more)
You are a remarkable man that deserves to be remarked upon. Here are the FIVE BEST things that keep me attached:
-Through a past of horror you find beauty..everywhere
-The bass of your voice resembles an african drum beat, calling the children in from play
-That valley in your(more)
you have up to 300 words. what will you say?

the rebels are talking.. can you hear?

capital hill is leaning
toward (more)
Maybe I should.. or should not..
If I can, then I will. If I can't, no chance of it happening. Then again, there are no absolutes in life, always room for error. When I think of words like "maybe" I always break it down to it's core meaning.  "It may-be(more)
You were my guy. Did not really know what a girl was to do with her guy, but I had one.
In my quiet world, you reached in and placed me on the street corner. Told me to watch and listen. Made me notice the way the clouds moved(more)