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Shelly was moving through the close of her day when the hairs on her arms shot out. Down the hall, the jangle of car keys grabbed at her ears. She swung the large office chair around, banging her knee loudly against the metal end of her desk.
"Drat!" (more)
The two prisoners, shackled at the ankles, were half way down the street before the first pedestrian stopped them.
"Excuse me." An elderly woman, in a hat much too garish for a Tuesday afternoon, addressed the taller of the two. "Are you lost?"
Max, the taller of the two(more)
Mortimer fell lower in his seat as the poet at the head of the class spoke over the small auditorium of students, reciting from memory the follow-up to his scene breaking poem, 'Till Then.' Mortimer rubbed anxiously as the reader oozed past the two minute mark, unsure how much(more)
The dimes rolled across the wooden table top, three in total, all spiraling out in separate directions before Vincent caught each near the edge. His thick palm swept down and along the edge as each dime punched over one, two, then three.
He sucked at the dying stogie hangin(more)
Tom hung close to the hallway wall, creeping so low his nose brushed the dusty vent folds of the baseboard air conditioner. The low morning light cast an odd hue over his movements; shadows stretched thin from his skinny toes, reaching long down the red hallway. He pressed his(more)
William strolled through the glass door of the organic food depot, a dinted bell rattled uneven over his head as the door slowed to a close behind. The room, empty save the lone cashier leaning against the open deli counter at the back of the store, smelled heavy of(more)
The tree cast a bronze shadow over the blades in his shoulder. The sinking sun, warped beneath the horizontal summer heat, shimmered and shook, rattled from the center out. The flavour of dandelion pieces rubbed sour against his cheeks. He wondered why the heavy heat, that shrunk the far(more)
His matted hair bunched and tangled against the cold wall tile of his only bathroom. High above the tree tops, the fourth floor apartment felt miles beyond the human race shuffling below his heels. Bending at the knees, gathered almost to his chin, he stomped, three light taps, one(more)
Warrens pen swept across the yellow legal pad, cradled in the small crack parting his long legs. Curled up in the recliner, seated just below a large bay window that served as the only source of light in the room, he resembled a lazy Victorian painting, unaware that he(more)
I'm addressing you, studio audience at home. Are you listening? I mean, I understand that my words/thoughts/influence stretches to each and everyone of you, but are you, in fact, listening? I will pause just long enough for you all to drop your hypocrisy/knitting needles/entertainment rags (magazines) and set your(more)
Pepper paced down the small hallway, lapping between the front door and single bedroom in three short strides each. Her watch, loose at the wrist, slid up and down her arm as she constantly picked at the loose strand that fell from the left side, the rest of her(more)
"In a minute, you will be through the wall..."
"Then it's best you leave me to my concentration."
But his words ended there, sliced and tumbling through around the huge vacuum that sucked at the two men's coats, their palms sucked flat against the rough skin of the(more)
The sweat is cool, running down the back of my neck, somehow spiraling across my shoulder blades and down my arms, sliding beneath my grandfathers wedding ring, disappearing into the night air. Screams, louder than necessary, chase me from behind. Two cares down.
"Is that a parachute you're wearing(more)
At the podium, a class of two hundred hovering near, the tallest reaching just below his collar bone, he steps back, bobbing his low hanging Adam's apple up and down.
"Freedom." He begins in a dry cough, the words wheezing and spilling over the two index cards that mak(more)
"Your nonsense is wasting the few sober hours I have left."
"What are you saying? It's an hour past noon, and you're still with me?"
"Clear and full of life, good sir."
"Color me impressed." (more)