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soft pressure
rough skin
pushes down
as you begin
I lay awake
eyes closed (more)
oh please
oh please
send this to me
lend strength to my withered soul
my muscles ache
my lungs strain (more)
i could revise a hundred thousand times
never finished
never complete
keep revising
change (more)
when you know
we cease to exist
birds don't fly (more)
Nothing is ever all gone
Even your dust stays around
Skin shavings and nail clippings ground up
Into particles floating through space so only a
Tick or mite could hitch a ride on the wave
To the sea of death that used to be me
A smile, so forced
again and again
with hope that my heart
will believe the lie
that I am happy
that things are alright (more)
and even though you sit beside me
I am still
all alone
your hug
your touch
cold (more)
she let me know
a few months before
i advised against - strongly

but she made the trip
and he met her there (more)
we moved again
but we won't stay
another stop
along the way
i will not fret
i will not cry (more)
I hadn't been there for awhile
but releasing the fear, I rode
thick plastic strings, whipped
nipping at my thighs, pumping
and (more)
i'm sorry
a thousand times
a thousand ways
you were wrong to leave
i was wrong to cheat
then you let me go (more)
murmurs of silence
the hum of one upon one
buildings of steel, brick, glass
lean overhead, shifting slightly beneath their own weight
gravity pulls yet they continue to prevail, today (more)
the devil sits atop
this house so gold
workers scramble about
their lives unfold
without nary an eye toward time
spent slaving day and day (more)
you sat across the campfire
mouth spilling untruths
reckless with your words
cheshire cat grin
filling up your face
my heart ran for cover (more)
by the fireside she cries
over pictures and papers
in balls around her knees
deceased people stare up (more)