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There is a chasm where your heart used to
Be, and how did that happen?
Heartbreak cannot achieve that, the simple act of love
Cannot cut a heart right out of a body like that
You cannot rip your heart right out of your chest just from
Loving someone(more)
neko paints the walls with towering trees, psychedelic flowers and exotic winged creatures. kuroh tuts, cleans around the scattered paints and brushes, and cooks, filling the rooms with enticing aromas. they get along. they coexist. they survive.    

it's not too difficult for two strains (stra(more)
On Izumo's bar-top sits:

1) A bonsai: he keeps watering it, day after day, waiting for it to grow large enough so that he can bury it above Totsuka's grave. Dead bodies are nutritious and good for plant growth, apparently. Yata had looked at Izumo with something lik(more)
it was always going to happen, darling. you knew that just as well as i and i knew him better (and i'm not bragging here, for after all, who would brag about that, now? it's just a fact, now). ashes to ashes was inevitable, and you'd anticipated the burn,(more)
flames crackling against the edge of the water, smoke and dust thick in her throat. the wind is gnaws at her ankles, ruffling the bottom of her dress and when she looks up, the sky is illuminated with thousands of bright, wavering lights like fireflies, like lanterns.