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Me and roo
I sit in my office like a box staring through windows at other worlds.
Electronic India beacons, just beautiful colors and shapes, without context to ruin the image.  Is it hologram or illusion? Or is that me? Susskind might know. But I am lost.
'She's a hundred, if she's a day,' I thought.  Her pink taffeta fit poorly over a frame that was once much larger.

And she no longer mattered.  An anachronism of the antebellum, neither fit in the present, or the past she never knew but clung to in futile desperation. (more)
A Mockery of Crockery

The dishes clattered
upon the floor
not fine china
but plasticware (more)
The shadow was all I saw.  Just the hint of a flash of scales, and I was caught, mesmerized.  "Steady," I thought. My hands began to sweat, even though it was Late November and a light snow was drifting.
It's funny how this meager carton becomes our treasure trove.  It is only cardboard, not fireproof or locking, but we use it as the repository for many of the things we hold most dear.

My shoebox has coins from when we lived in Panama, and shopped in Bogata.  It has(more)
The funeral was like any other.  His wife had said 'we want it to be a celebration of his life, not a memorial.  Wear bright clothes.'  So there we sat in a memorial hall in polos, jeans and sun dresses.  But this was the only distinction.

It is not as if at(more)
Carol loved to visit during funerals.  Any other trip was a waste of time.  Everyone came back and no one was working, at least for a day, maybe two.  Almost everyone was on their best behavior.  No fights broke out, no angry words or awkward moments.  And no presents to bu(more)
Bankers fuck us.  They do it directly, all while giving us the impression that 'they took a chance on us' and now we owe them more loyalty than we show our family.

Most of us can afford our loans at the original principal balance and the original interest rate.  We(more)
Anywhere you want to touch me is okay, but I will touch you there too.  So touch rub my back, and I will rub yours; touch my feet, yours will be touched.  Touch my chest, my stomach, my penis, my scrotum, my anus, if you have probable cause, and you will(more)
Her offering was small and seemingly simple, but the closer I looked the more delicate intricacy I found.  

It was a flower, a carnation to be precise.  If the reproduction had been less complete, I would say that it looked like a carnation.  But this flower was more than just(more)
I stare.  I don't mean to make her uncomfortable, but I cannot help it.  I have no words.  
She smiles, an uneasy smile, like I might turn out to be a tiger in disguise.  I am not a tiger, more of a pussycat, timid, dangerous only to mice and balls of foil.  I(more)
Bitter tastes good.
Without a little bitter to food, it would not have the fullness of flavor that truly makes food satisfying.  A squeeze of lemon, or vinegar, or almonds, or many different vegetables, provide just enough bite to bother eating.

Life needs a little bitterness too.  If you d(more)
President Obama to Segregate Military
Following the controversial decision to appeal the injunction against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the Obama administration has decided to revise several earlier procedural changes.  White House press secretary Robert Gibbs released the following statement:
“We believ(more)
Eight year old terrorist Timothy Ingle was arrested in Brighton today, following a tip from his fifteen year old brother, Jaime.  "Timmy", as his family and friends call him, except for Jaime who calls him "the turd", had constructed what experts refer to as a crud weapon of mass destruction(more)
I would get a memory-foam mattress, but there are things I do not want shared.  It's not that I don't want to remember, but I would rather not have the memory suddenly blurted out.