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Sixteen tastes sweet, like sugar and stars. Sixteen is smooth with youth and sharp with adrenaline. Sixteen gives you a little rush.

   "Sixteen is too young." He hisses. "It's barely a life lived."
   I ignore him. I don't tell him that their wide eyed hope i(more)
How embarrassing to be in love with someone who hates you. How utterly embarrassing to track their path around a room, to always have your eyes dart to them when they don't even bother to glance at you.

I was fine, I was functional until he walked in(more)
I live in a silent, drowned town. The Earth moves too slowly beneath my feet, the hours and days stretching to infinity. When I'm inside, I feel caged and listless. Everything bores me and the thought of moving tires me.
I think I know what he's thinking. I can read his thoughts in the way his eyes linger over my mouth and the way he smiles and laughs, soft and slightly distracted, at everything I say.

He leans closer, inches his legs closer to mine, until he i(more)
   We have parallel dreams. They run in adjacent lanes, just out of reach and destined never to meet.  

   I look up at you, all tidy edges and clean-cut corners even in the morning, your newspaper spread on the kitchen island and it all feels so distant.(more)
   "I'm sorry." Nora blurted out. The spoon in Rose's hand clattered and stilled in synchrony with her bruised heart.
   "Me too." Was all she said. Two simple words, five short letters, but it rested on her tongue and fell from her lips with all the weight o(more)
   Nora rang the doorbell and waited a full anxious minute before it swung open.
   "Hi." She said, soft and tentative. She pressed her clammy palms against the fabric of her jeans and tried to force her racing heart to slow down before it made her cheeks flush.(more)
There's something new about the old house, Maura muses as she walks through the rickety front foyer whose walls are stained and molded and where the air is stale and heavy. Her bones creak with the floorboards as she makes her way up the staircase.
Today I will get up.

When my dreams and nightmares finally spit me out, gasping and stranded on the shores of a new day, my heart won't constrict when reality hits like the bright light of the sun. I will open my eyes and they will be dry(more)
They act as if they are gods, as if they are far above things as mortal as sin and crime, as if their judgement is absolute. I can see them from my window, dancing around the bonfire, chanting and cheering, drunk on adrenaline and cheap wine.  
This insomnia is for you. These endless nights steeped in twisting regret are for you.
The sun filters through the curtain in a lazy haze and the muted glow warms the floorboards. There are scattered puzzle pieces and a broken mug on the coffee table. The tea in it has long since evaporated. Everything else is untouched and the jagged edges of ceramic are(more)
I lose another night to you and your restless dreams, your wandering lips. I never want to close my eyes when your face is mere inches from mine. I spend all night counting the freckles on your cheeks and tracing the veins on your fluttering eyelids.
When I'm no(more)
"Enough." My voice is a wisp, but in the stale air it is a knife. They freeze, movements cut short.
"What do you mean, darling?" Mother asks, sickly sweet and dangerous. I resist the urge to flinch and back away. She may be strong but I am not her(more)
He put the gloves on, sliding fingers into the smooth satin. It felt akin to putting on armour. As his gaze flickered to the mirror, he decided that it was no different. The fabric was heavy and warm, constricting around his throat and his wrists. True, he had never(more)