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I thrive to inspire those who can't find beauty in the simplest of things.
wrapped up in an alternate reality
where I am anyone but me
stuck in my dreams of that girl
who is beautiful, quirky, loved.

I am leading a false life, (more)
Theres nothing between here and there,
between the thought process and the action,
theres just the absence of though,
the impulsivity of an action
with nothing in bewteen.
When I think of the phrase chin up, I think of my recently passed grandfather.

My life was in shambles. I am only twenty and literally felt as if nothing was right and I was doomed to be unemployed and unhappy forever. I had applied for hundreds o(more)
The snow fell heavy, the snow was thick
it was all a slippery blur
therapy was eye opening
a new year, a new me.

New changes to be made (more)
my eyes lay heavy as I sit in the corner of this god awful place drinking coffee that is far too strong and watching the clock tick. The idea of time scares me, I always feel like I am running out, like there isn't enough, when in reality I(more)
It was one phrase, one insult, one nasty look that caused my eyes to mirror the raindrops falling down my window. I felt empty, like every last bit of emotion had poured out through my makeup streaked eyes and that there was nothing left. I drove home from work(more)