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There's a stack of hatboxes on my monstrous built-in shelf in my bedroom that are empty. They are off-white and flimsy and my cats sometimes climb the shelf (in ways too terrifying to describe) and sit next to the stack like guardians of some Mayan ruin.
The pregnancy club. That's what we are now, I guess. My blonde angel friend and her smoothies and her hiking up her jeans and her eczema on her arms. I am nauseous all the time, leaning on sinks, slamming bathroom stall doors, staring at plastic wrapped lollipops in vending(more)
i told him his eyes look like mossy wet stones on the edge of a river. because they do. the first time i met him i wanted to say, "you look nothing like your pictures". i was drunk on sparkling wine and sake and rich people smiling and walking(more)
"like a little wounded bird in the forest at twilight. that's what you sound like."

i gotta tell you, that dead eyes thing was funny until our last night together when i told you to leave and that silence between us while we were both still lying ther(more)
cake light is the best light. 11 candles, for no good reason, just that we had them in the drawer. who's afraid of birthdays? not me.
i heard you threw up in a mcdonald's on valentines day.
i choose sherry and disco balls. why not? balloons, maybe. they said whatever i want. i choose sherry and disco balls and balloons and delicious things wrapped in other things. i've pulled up my socks, stupid pink socks, but i like them. i think they're going to have a(more)
something like red ruby pomegranate pearls, iced, then crushed, then strewn over whipped cream. something like the sun melting a sliced watermelon into embarrassing shrinking watery flesh.

the glass pot he gave me broke. (more)
i want to get my toenails baked. that's what it is, that's what i need. to pay money to a small asian person to fuss over my nails. no, i don't know. i just said that.

i've been thinking about bananas. (more)
my mouth agape. droplets, water droplets. forehead soaked, lips wet. the rain makes it quiet inside my head. he told me to stand here, to wait here. he told me to wear a dress, no coat. i don't know why i do what he tells me to do but(more)