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Caleb spun around in a circle, noticing his shoe was untied.  It's white ends now muddy and brown.  He could almost hear his mother nagging him to tie it.  But tying his shoe was the last thing on his mind.  
"Seriously, I don't think anyone would buy it," he said throwing down his pen.

"Well, you come up with something better," she snarled while tearing off a piece of spinach, sundried tomato bagel.  "Every single idea I come up with you shootdown."

"Well, they suck," he said with(more)
"What kind of response is that?" I asked.


"It's a simple, yes or no question."
The dishes were long done.  The kids sound asleep.  Repeats on the television.  Nothing of interest OnDemand.  Facebook checked.  eMail's returned.  No open moves on  Words with Friends.  The same sentence of Khaled Hosseini's latest read over (more)