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When she wakes up, her mother is screaming at her again.
When she wakes up, the house is quiet.
When she wakes up, the world is ending.
When she wakes up, the world has ended with fire and tears.
When she wakes up, there's a boy whose desperation is(more)
Remember that I will love you; whenever, whyever, whatever, however.
There are moving men in the house across the street, bringing in couches and the dirt on their boots. Mama says there's a new family moving in; it's only proper manners to say hello. With the way the neighborhood property value has been degrading, Mama wonders why anyone would(more)
Booming, obscene, all-consuming; the walls of this room are too thin.

Some stray glowing light keeps you from sleep, even though you know that the windows are too cluttered with dust and graffiti, that all the door cracks have been stuffed with rags, that the light fixtures hav(more)
Madgar wondered if cotton actually absorbed odors like Mila always claimed they did. Probably not, since ze could still smell that awful stench, clinging to zir skin and hair and everything oh no. Ze whimpered.

Mila's hut was an entire two spheres away, which was honestly two sphere(more)
Ze's pretty sure that, compared to other people's experience, ze's got it pretty easy. Hir parents sort of understand the gender spectrum, distant relatives haven't called in to express their disapproval, and hir brother isn't making a big deal out of it.
What little the rain didn't completely ruin, the wind has taken care to spread as far as possible.

"It's not funny!" he hisses at her, scrambling after what is either a page from his notes or a chinese take-out menu. She obliges his request, but the smile o(more)
She slammed the laptop closed, an aborted laugh on her lips. Her eyes met with the other girl, curled up at her side with her own iPad in her lap, and the silence said it all.

Tumblr? (more)
Superboy tells him, one night, that it's difficult to step foot into Gotham, now that Batman is gone. It feels almost sacrilegious.
Batman is still here.
Just not the Batman-who-was-the-night-and-justice.
When the plane leaves, it might be nice to see your face one more time.

It's not necessary, but, it'd be nice. Let my last memory of this hellhole be the one thing worth staying for.
Where the fuck is my flash drive it was right there I know it was Just another hour and then I'm done searching for it I swear
It's not the burn of the absinthe going down that makes it alluring, he says. As if anyone needed clarification on that point.

(But those sad eyes had asked him to listen- so he finds it somewhere in his 'marble' heart to hold back the sharp reprimands.(more)
"It's easier than you'd think," he slurs, and Jehan turns to give  Grantaire a good stare. He's always saying something strange, admist the spitting criticisms of life and their purpose. This takes the cake though, and the little poet can't help but think there might be something intriguing behind this(more)
"Marry me," he asks.
"Goodbye," she says.
The clouds have been brewing for some time now; on land and in the sky there is no peace. For the high king to sit upon his stallion and think that his encampment is the strongest- the bravest- the best, is but ordinary king-think, full of lofty goals and  nothing(more)