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We sat on the fences and laughed at the girls
Who played dolls and hopscotched in orderly lines.
With baby-fat faces and plump princess curls,
How grown-up we felt, you and I!

Shot-glasses for vodka and lipstick for kisses, (more)
Red wine stains her lips--
another year, gone
  "Time is relative," she tells herself,
pours another glass.
   "A year is a just a rock orbiting the sun at blinding speed."
She can imagine her hair blowing back with the force of Earth's orbit.
   "You're drunk," someone(more)
There was a new girl in our class, a girl named Urgyi. It was a strange, foreign name, and for good reason--she was the first alien to attend our school. To her face, of course, we never called her "alien." Etheroni was the accepted term.
We go on walks in the dark blue dawn and when we stop by the bay to watch the sun rise, I feel myself open to you, my soul huddled and trembling at your feet. Do you do the same for me?

I wish you would speak t(more)
I am a ghost in this world. My conscious hovers, untouched by pain and sorrow. The world filters through my mind in a series of facts, bright points of color, dust between my fingers.

My senses have diminished to touch and hearing. I feel the tears of loved(more)
It was a ship full of murderers. One-Eyed Kent, who killed ten women and fled the country before he could be caught; Shiny Penny, who looks fifteen but claims to be twenty, murdered her father.; Al, who hangs rats by their tails and drinks poison to build up his(more)
-ordered by date of publication-

1. Who is Responsible For the Beijing Attacks?
It was evening on the beach, and cold. Farther down the sand was a family comprised of mostly young children. From so far away their screeches of joy sounded like seagulls.

My hands were burned and raw from the sun and the inner lining of my bikini bottom(more)
"You only have one spoon," Carson hollered from the kitchen.

Frick. Olivia pressed her fingers on the bridge of her nose in despair. This whole evening was supposed to be over already, but of course, that hadn't happened--the toilet stopped working, she had forgotten to buy pasta sauce(more)
i remember when aliens first started appearing in popular culture. there were horror movies about them, and plastic toys for kids, and my younger brother said, with shining eyes, that he wanted to become an astronaut and fight aliens.
The bastard angel was banned from heaven. Hers was a long a tragic tale of lies and loss, and she told it to the wind on lonely afternoons, the sunbeams cold on her back, the powdered white clouds below billowing up and sinking down like so many snowflakes. (more)
In the very early fall she understood religion. It was a Tuesday, a cold October morning, with a crisp snap to the air. Her class was at eight and she was walking across the quad. She looked down at her feet, in the same dirty sneakers she's had for(more)
she scrubbed her skin red raw
so maybe she could get rid of the memory of his hands
hot and heavy on her skin, her arms
she wanted to take the washcloth to her brain too
scrub out the curves and corners of her gray matter (more)
dad's garage
changed a lot since mom left
he keeps old furniture in there now
spiders live in the old armchair that was mom's
tools that are no longer used rust away
and open containers of gasoline stain the old rug (more)
imagine this:

one day Others come, outsiders with no knowledge of us or the way we think.

they will observe those with More spit on those with Less, and that those of this Color do not talk to those of that Color.  these Others will look on (more)