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Migraine, systems, fallibility, governance, dynamo, Kilimanjaro, building, cornered, homonym, sliced, blowing out the carburetor as Olivia always calls it.

Subliminal refers to under the threshold information, which manages to enter the mind regardless of it's hidden nature.

Supraliminal refers to above (more)
Last garments worn, in a culvert, a passage for waste water and rodents, under a road, his filthy body about to be bloodied, his stomach, without injury yet, waiting silently for the 9mm bullet to pierce his internal organs. He was probably aware that he would not be tried,(more)
A spoonful of sugar can be helpful, I experiment often with different analogs to this idea. Ways in which to mix pleasure in with difficult things, unpleasant things, or just mundane, ordinary, and soul sucking things, mostly I am talking about work.
I can't feel that I said.

Nope, nope, uh-uh... no, no, nope.

Listen, we've been at this for hours now, for the last time, no, it doesn't hurt! It doesn't feel like anything at all, I can NOT feel anything! OK?!

Jesus, just go the fuck(more)
The tone sounds for the hundred thousandth time today, the local festival has multiplied the frequency of the sound by at least 300 times, under normal circumstances the customers ingress and egress would be working on his last nerve by quitting time, always a 12 hour shift, today, three(more)
unequal uncle?
fantastic, seriously
go save someone else.

a haiku
I have been trying to pinpoint your exact location to no avail, so far, it would really help out if you could just tell me the general coordinates, but of course, life is not that simple, neat or tidy. The test serves multiple purposes at once, with every decision(more)
People have a drive to be remembered, an often fruitless, and mostly pointless venture in itself. For, to be remembered, there must be someone there to do the remembering. There is no guarantee of our longevity, more to the point, in an infinite span of time, all monuments crumble,(more)
Mill on the crooked creek, engine for producing new things, in an old old place, the surrounding meadows hide oil spills and antifreeze green ponds, with long long grass. The grain of the very wood it is manifested as, the structural poles, planks, crankshaft to paddles, spokes to cotter(more)
Allergies, we all had them, the whole group, just to different things, Jean was allergic to spores, of the blue mold variety, Trina, of the grey, I was allergic to grass pollen, not sure which kind, but the air would frequently be full of fluff when my eyes and(more)
Rocks the size of ostrich eggs and fists, clamber to clot the process I am making, the loose sandy soil, what little of it there is, is always pouring back into the hole, slowing my search as well.

I know I buried you around here somewhere, within inches(more)
Moz flask, compact cap, mocks Alfonzo M.
Roof of my mouth hangs like the ceiling interior of the abandoned VW bug by the railroad trestle, when will I be able to taste again?
Cooking with flowers.
The substation room echos it's size in the buzz of its electrical current. The sound says a lot about this room. It says, it is 75 feet wide, with ceilings 40 feet high, and a depth of 45 feet.
In the corners, at different moments, I use various tool(more)