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In yourself, you have found a friend.

She has been waiting for you a long time, fingers stained blue-black with nicotine and blood vessels, cheeks scraped raw and painted over, again and again. She has waited there by the doorway, in the sunlight, the edge of a glass(more)
I slammed open the door and was almost immediately blasted away by a wave of sterilized, icy-chrome air conditioning. The apartment was nothing short of what I'd expect from him - sleek and lavish, fresh ice in the refrigerator, televisions whirring away to the tune of at least four(more)
He's been out there, fishing, for as long as you can remember.

You don't know how old he is or what he puts in the pasty little pail at his side, because his eyes are always downcast, and his breath always smells of briny sardines. But you hear(more)
Alice's first impression upon entering the room is, Oh my god, I've died and gone to Starfleet.

The workshop is white and chrome, and blanketed overhead by a wall of glass-encased blackness. She is certain that if not for the tiny, hovering droids swirling annoyingly around her an(more)
"Andy, you're gonna get yourself killed if you keep doing this."

"Yeah, so's your mom."

"Real mature," Ingrid groaned, slumping down at the dingy table with a pronounced sigh. "What are you, six?"

Andy traced the lines of somebody's initials in the wood musingly. "No, I'm(more)
It was barely winter when I sat on the bench and offered a meager smile to my temporary companion. He was a man with a raggedy hat, and that's really all I remember about him.

"Where you headed?" (more)