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I hope you're doing o.k. in there. I'm fine but you know how it is. I haven't been out there to see you, because I just can't, but I'm going to try. Be patient. They took the car, which I knew you'd be mad about, but you also(more)
I read about the church in a book about glass architecture. When I moved to Seattle, I attended mass there on the twentieth anniversary of my dad's death.

Glass is a material that generally registers as an absence, but after installing it in buildings for three years, I(more)
I lost track of the taste of things for so long. It became  confusing. With the smell of a newborn daughter, I was sweetened into a kind of hallucinatory static from which I could be sharpened back to full attention in an instant when necessary. Paying attention helps keep loved(more)
Lyndon Johnson is my grandfather. It's not about being right. It's about retaining strength. Glimpses of stormy interiors speak of hidden crimes. Lyndon dictating letters while defecating, a rite of passage to ensure loyalty from his underlings. Grandpa's fist explaining what he thought a faggot was to my teenage(more)
For standing up so straight.

For applying just the right pressure on my throat.

For demonstrating whom it is just best not to trust.
Snails eat silicone caulking. I once worked under a man who smoked crack, danced to hip-hop music, told racist jokes, and dressed his chihuahua in a pink hoodie. That was the job where I fell through a ceiling. Around this time an armored car jumped a barrier on highway(more)
playing pinball with the dead man builds character. what, don't you like father's day? i'd have to talk for twenty-five years to catch him up.

your granddaughter looks just like you. her hair's even red.

bullshit. she looks like a bald little cop. (wide smile. emotion alwa(more)
He communicates poorly. Every writer starts somewhere. Endings take care of themselves. One way or another. We regret to inform you. Words fail me often. Happy Father's Day. What were the last words spoken by mine? Success is on the other side of the river. My daughter's sleeping. I'll(more)
Only 50,000 more wrong words before I can start writing the right ones. If that's not quite the spirit, it'll have to do to set the mood. I'm trying to get into more arguments. I'm planning on adopting a certain church-like expression. I want better handwriting. Absolutely nothing is(more)
I'm concerned about what kind of mother I am, but the world's a lot worse than me. I carry my dad's beat up black plastic lunchbox. It's shape, like a barn with a round roof, reminds me of the 70's. My husband feels entitled to all the cancer jokes(more)
Here you are. I'm going to breathe slowly and retrieve some tiny part of what I've lost. Don't be dramatic. I'm trying to remember that you were once a child. This changes how easily I can treat you badly. I'm operating moment to moment. Humans are animals and life(more)
Write to organize dizziness.

Now that I have less time, the plan is to write more.

Months of research. Book after book. Articles, films, letters, and court documents. But not all of them. Stop well short of visiting the crime scene.

Fail to write impressively. Fai(more)
What she called playing could certainly hurt. I talk an awful lot about Catholics. Censorship stops me in my tracks. I don't know who to believe. Al Gore has a strong handshake. I still listen to the radio. Fear is on every menu. You have to listen very closely(more)
If the man in the purple baseball hat--whose apologetic smile makes him look vaguely Christian--offers me his seat, I will later follow him off the bus and explain to him every detail of all my most important mistakes--I suppose he might be inclined to call them sins--and I will(more)
Fill the cereal bowl to the right height and decide which newspaper articles are the most important. Wait at least three seconds to think before you address words to anyone. Avoid mistakes, and remember that relaxation, rather than stress, will increase your chances of success. When images of death(more)