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It is the day before a new semester. The summer has officially come to an end. What have I learned? That I have learned nothing when it comes to ceasing the procrastination. Will I ever learn? Will it ever strike me to prep a class at the end of(more)
My day is ambling slowly, creeping towards something inevitable. There are deadlines that loom and yet the long striped green back of my day meanders, feelers and legs finding distraction at every turn, hoping for a crunchy leaf or perhaps daydreaming about cocoons.
Have you ever noticed that you notice more things about your face, your skin, your pores, your eyebrows when you're looking at yourself in a mirror that is not your own? Visiting friends or staying in a hotel, you discover all these elements that were somehow undetectable in your(more)
The worst is over. Now I have to call my dad.
I am at the precipice of doing and accomplishing. It all boils down to a simple choice of actions. Do I continue writing or do I finally get around to using those space bags that I thought were so important to have a month ago? Or do I write(more)
Some of her earliest encounters with anxiety were with socks: socks on the wrong feet, socks not fitting right, and then there were toe-socks, which defied all foot logic. Being a lefty, it was drilled in her young mind to know the difference between left and right. She was(more)