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"My life sucks and I want to die." Ah, that feels better having it written down. Guess I'll see what tomorrow has now.

'15 minutes. It's all I'll give this blank page.'
My eyes keep looking at the clock. Moment of pauses are filled with the endless 'tick tick.'
'No. I will not stop this time. I've been doing this my whole life. Overthinking. Covering this trail to the golden mountain wit(more)
The road is so eerily quiet at this hour. Not a person has a destination, but road is still dully illuminated. My shadows would dance all around me going from lamppost to lamppost, bursting with life while the night seemed to have swallowed everything else. The now seems so(more)
I searched for words. Anything that could describe my existence, so I could have something more than what I am. My body is undergoing atrophy, and I feel as though every second I could be doing more, I could give more, a sea of could haves, should haves, and(more)
I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV. I follow shows from time to time, I feel like those are the only real people in my life anymore. I put on 'friends.' Ah, that sweet feeling of living vicariously. I get as comfortable as possible as(more)
Went to a bar yesterday. Decided, fuck it, gotta meet someone new sometime, right? Sat and ordered whiskey on the rocks making no eye contact 'cause I have introvert on autopilot. Notice my reflection in a mirror behind the bar. Grey shadows lurk under my eyes. The bar is(more)
I lift my hands after I let the razor fall, realizing I don't remember a thing before that. Small streams of crimson ran across my fingers and dripped to the floor. Droplets of relief, splashing in beautiful end.

The clock on the wall strikes 6pm. I've been drinkin(more)
The sun dimmed. Everything was being covered by a sepia orange, as I buried my feet into the white sand. I'm so far away from the life I used to love, the life I would've died for. Things have its way of changing like that, I guess. I still(more)
I keep telling myself to sit and write. To take time that will benefit my future self. 'I should live in the now,' a voice would argue in my head. I'd then begin procrastinating again, waking up in potato crumbs, with my hand in my pants.
I have a clear memory of home. A memory of a swing under an old tree, it's foundation worn from all the feet that we're bursting with childhood. I remember sitting in the back of a bus going from the city towards home; a golden sun making shadows on(more)
Tell me your suffering. Tell how it felt when she died, when he disappeared, when you found out the cancer spread. There isn't a clear path to walk, but confide in me, I will hold your hand. Explain every emotion, express them again. We all suffer differently, but I've(more)
I can't fly. Not that I've ever tried to know, but how society is convincing me to believe. There are people who are close, I see their wings, they're beautiful. I always assume they only fly when no else is looking. When I'm fixed on the squares of my(more)
It was the warmest day of summer. A mother watches with dread as his son rides his bike on the sidewalk. It's been only the second time since he's out there alone, and without training wheels. He learned how to ride two days ago and hasn't looked backed since.(more)