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A sudden outpouring of languorous and mellifluent brain waves
catches the body in a depth of stickiness
held fast to the beating heart of the earth  
head sunk into fertile and yielding soil (more)
I walked further and further
away from you.
I left you behind
at the bus stop
in the rain
waiting. (more)
The tiny airplane flew across the ceiling and then the horrifying, tearing sensation of fear and dread.  I was not sure if I was asleep.  
The night before my family visited, outlined in a glowing green light.  I missed them terribly.
The beams of the cottage pressed in and the bat(more)
The spoon stirring tea swirled against the smooth interior of the concavity; a small Chinese porcelain cup with a flaking gold rim and an angular orchid painted on its ribbed surface.  The sound reverberates like Galileos imaginary marbles infinitely rolling through frictionless space.
The hot liquid with a d(more)
I swallowed the bitter words I felt but couldn't express down into the pit of my stomach.  They rotted away the lining of my intestine and lodged themselves into my liver like tiny burrs, hoping for release in a new fertile location.
When I saw you again after all those(more)
We aren't that angry anymore.
We haven't got a leg to stand on,
or a war to fight.
There's no more background; no foreground in sight.
Pale yellow
in the trees (more)
I know I will be on the path you walk ever forward and never back;
I know you need water
(I learn fast as a rattlesnake).
In the dirt where I grow and yield to the love you have;
where sand and quartz shift light
and everywhere tiny fragment(more)
His head was as near a perfect sphere as I imagined a head could be and his body was little more than a nutrient tube dangling from that bulbous cranium.  When he spoke it sounded as if every word caused him a great pain and he wheezed like an accordian(more)
This smile is just a happy mistake...
We met at the bar.  I know that sounds obvious but it's true.  I should have known something was up from the moment I met her.  There is no way a girl that beautiful would ever talk to me.  I knew something was up, but I went with it anyway.  Being drunk didn't help(more)
Shen-sheeba rose tentatively from the amniotic pond.  The birthing fluids dripped slowly and thickly across her smooth yellow skin and poured from every orifice.  The chanting grew louder.
She was already living.  Before the blue sun had risen.  Something had quickened the proces(more)

  the club, the spear, the sword, the gun (origination)
  the cave, the forest, the field, the city (dwelling)
  the void, the doubt, the darkness, the chaos (source)
  the joy, the love, the empathy, the courage (extension)
  the bed, the soil, the tre(more)
While we are running away from
the kingdom of our originations;
not hierarchical but rather holistic
like a fine gossamer web
spun under duress in the wind and rain and lightning,
the other is running towards. (more)
Gerald had a voice like a ribbon of honey being poured into hot tea.  He began his career doing radio commercials but soon took to acting in local theatre.  His first major role was taking on the character of the CEO in an adapted version of the Wizard of Oz.  Alongside Dorothy,(more)
Coffee in paper cups (small, medium, large or extra large (don't forget your favorite flavoured creamer; french vanilla, irish cream or hazelnut)), Snickers (regular or king size), Mars (with or without almonds), Wunderbar, Kit-Kat, Tropical Mike and Ike, Regular Mike and Ike, Swedish Berries, Wine Gums, roasted peanuts, c(more)