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"Just what the doctor ordered." He says when she walks in.  

"Hey look, don't." Her tone is firm and her eyes refuse to even think of meeting his. She's a little surprised he doesn't look smug or expectant, just kind of happy to see her which she finds(more)
The first time it happened she dialed 911.

It was one of those moments when time slowed down and everything she did seemed to take hours or perhaps years. Her eyes seemed to cruise at a relaxed .01 of a mile from the plate shattering against the wal(more)
When she was younger her father used to have her sit on his lap at parties. He'd let her lean against his strong chest with his arms forming a unbreakable wall around her. They wouldn't talk about anything in particular, instead preferring to just observe people in what he(more)
A girl in her calculus class had once gone on a rant about how condoms are given out freely yet 'feminine products' are a frequent charge to our credit cards. At the time she rolled her eyes but a year later she was wishing she'd joined in some kind(more)
The phone lights up with a little whistle to alert her. It's unexpected so she takes a moment to blink at it before setting down her pencil and abandoning the research paper she hadn't even put a dent in.  
She heard it before she saw it.

The disdain. The holier-than-thou attitude. It was a scoff and squeaking of shoes in the opposite direction. It was the faint, "We'll loop around" from the wife or girlfriend.

Her eyes followed the downward motion of her curling toes at(more)