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The next morning, the air had a chill to it; the previous night's storm took all the heat the island had to offer, leaving a beach full of detritus in exchange.  Bits of driftwood dried in the sun, speckled with partial fish and tethered with rank seaweed.  In a few hours,(more)
Thomas Elliot, Lord Hallingwood
Hallingwood Manor

My dearest friend, (more)
The laughter of the others pinned Greg to the window.  There was only so much space and air inside the well-loved Honda Civic.  Greg felt like he was running out of both.

Steve told the best stories, he really did.  He had an inherent aplomb for pacing out moments and sharing(more)
It was just noon when sunlight infiltrated the heavy hotel curtains and punched Liz between the eyes.  Cognizance arrived wrapped in a fog that tasted like last night's champagne.  She still had at least one false eyelash on.  The rumpled sheets beside her were empty.

Liz squinted acr(more)
Abigail wrung her hands.  A gull keened above her head, reminding her to take a breath of salt-spray air.  Men shouted and tossed lengths of rope.  The preparation of the great, dark gangplank took years.  
Jacob knew better than to order whiskey on the rocks in this city, but he'd ordered it tonight.  In no time, a stubborn layer of water floated above his booze, swirling lazily where the two liquids tried to blend.
Special request.  Gwilliam had been getting a few special requests from the leadership lately.  More than a few.  A lot.  Master Martolo had insisted that all assignments were handed out fairly, with due deference to experience and skill.

Gwilliam knew that harder assignment(more)
Dear Diary,

Mother always said that the hearts of robots were fickle things.  Well as much as it pains me to say it, Mother was RIGHT!
The same cameras that showed color by day give only black and white images at night.  Not light and dark images but ones completely lacking color.  For half of the day, screen after screen  filled with bright blurs and earthy smudges; for the rest it showed only smoke and shadows.

At some point, someone in the house had decided that adding a generous splash of vanilla flavored vodka to a can of Fresca was delicious.  It tasted like an orange creamsicle, one housemate declared, demonstrating a particular lack of grapefruit flavor awareness.  One can of Fresca almost filled a pint (more)
The wine burst.

It wasn't quite an explosion (perhaps if it had been champagne), and it was more than a pop.  It was a ringing of shattered green glass on the mottled linoleum, a fizz and a splash of chardonnay.  

And no one saw it happen.

I have to tell myself to drop my shoulders.
I have to tell myself to mumble, to speak quickly.
All of the things the sergeants used to get after us about, all the things that would make them scream in our faces.  I have to tell myself to do them.(more)
Something tells me your bed is small.  Narrow.  The boys with the long legs and arms always end up in the narrowest beds, no room to stretch out.  If and when you slept in a larger bed, you'd keep to your own side, bunched up.  The desire to keep hands and feet from(more)
"It bothers you that I'm older than you."

She toyed with the skin of her chicken.  In the corner of her vision, a tourist dropped a plate of mealy iceberg lettuce and began pretending she'd been bumped by the oblivious summer hire.  She hated it when  he told her how sh(more)
The master always wants to wear his best wig on salon nights, and rightfully so.  It is the night to be seen, after all.  I find myself wondering how many hands groom how many wigs, how much powder and oil and perfume is slathered about.  How many hours, if each hour was(more)