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He stares down at his drink, stirring it mindlessly with his straw. "So--do you think..."
"Yes?" you say instinctively. You watch him, his eyes uncomfortably shifting away, trying to find anything else to look at besides you. The steam from your latte warms your face, and you wrap your(more)
The field was full of wildflowers.
She was an all-American, true mid-western girl when she was young. Born and raised on a ranch with a bunch of horses. Annabelle remembers when she was young, the greenery that sprawled behind the barn, an endless ocean of rolling hills. Her playground,(more)
No rest, 24/7.
Welcome to Greasy Al's, I'll be your waitress for today. Drinks? Coming right up. Ice or no ice? Alright. Decaf? Okay. Here are the menus, the specials. Call me when I'm ready. Here's my name.
They never use my name. It's "Waitress!" Or sometimes, "Hey lady!"(more)
"Eek!" Jane squeals, leaping onto the maroon couch that squeaks under her weight. She drops her iPhone, which bounces on the carpet twice.
Carson looks up lazily from the bed, his fingers lightly grasping a blue ballpoint pen, an open textbook on his lap. "What is it?"
The protest is lost as she races in the blazing building, ducking through the gap of debris. Something crashes behind her, and when she turns, she only sees a fiery inferno behind her. Keep moving forward.
"Davidson!" she shouts. She covers her face with an elbow and blink(more)
"See, we made it," he tells Jane, pointing at the horizon. A cityscape rises from the ground against brilliant blue sky, a cluster of tall and looming buildings in the distance. "We just got here the long way."
"Are you sure we're going the right way?" Jane frowns at him from the shotgun. Her arm is stretched up at the sun, phone in hand, hoping for a bar of service, and she wipes some sweat away from her forehead, flicking off droplets and spraying it over the(more)
Afterwards, she goes down to the garage.
Outside, the skies pour and thunder and storm, maybe for her she thinks, as she makes her way down the steps, a flashlight in one hand, her toolbox in the other. She holds her face in a tight scowl, holding her breath(more)
This is the purest form of peace, Valerie thinks. She sits in a creaky rocking chair, a glass of lemonade in one hand, a big brown sun hat on her head. On her lap sits a purring black cat, a fuzzy black thing that nuzzles its head against her(more)
They collapse in the cave, a pile of snow and adrenaline following. They're breathless, blood roaring in their ears, legs turned into jelly. Paige hasn't had jelly in years. She lays against the earth, willing it to absorb her as she lets her thoughts wander. And then they return(more)
She's perched on a park bench, staring down at her boots and trying to feel nothing but the rain that hits her skin. Her thoughts are trained on everything else, and she doesn't notice her visitor until he speaks.
She looks up, and he stands over her with(more)
Travis holds a manila folder in one hand, the other rested on the door handle. He's alone in his car, and he takes a breath to steady. He stares at the huge building in front of him, the Methodist Home for Children. He's a little kid again, on his(more)
"Agh!" Jack holds his half-eaten Popsicle still for a moment and squeezes his eyes shut, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.
Lucy frowns and glances at him. "What's wrong?"
He presses his lips in a tight line before squealing, "Brain freeze!"
She giggles at him haughtily, then daringl(more)
Daniel keeps flowers on the porch just to watch them bloom.
It's one of the quiet things he enjoys in life, gardening; even his parents, his brother, his girlfriend all tease him about it. He likes the damp, cool earth under his fingernails and fingertips, likes the ability to(more)
I'm far too good at the art of hurting people.