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a small bag of precious stones
was left on the shelf
in the bedroom she had occupied
before her death

her life story (more)
I walked quickly, staring forward, avoiding eye contact with the strangers on the street. It was a brisk fall day, the trees blooming with reds and yellows – one last explosion of color before their seasonal death. At the end of the paved road, a dirt trail began. I kept(more)
I want this to be the kind of thing that burns me out. I want it to take over my life, where I obsess about it, forget to sleep, fuck up on the job, turn into a shaking, insane mess, because I can't stop thinking about you. What's the(more)
The neighbor guy was bent over, head engulfed in the giant rhododendron bush that grew on the side of his house, his neon-yellow T-shirt and blue jeans sticking out from the wall of orb-like pink flowers. I watched him from my second-story window across the street. I had never(more)
I'm still figuring out what it all meant.

People expect you to get over things. To assimilate back into reality – "normal life." The life you had before this thing that happened, that changed you. But now, you are different. Perhaps before, you hoped this experience would give(more)
I'd like to meet my match one day
The person filled with just about as much ambition as I am, so we can give each other hell, then make sweet love,
sing together as well
Two sparks moving toward each other, colliding, showering brilliant light on everything around them(more)
With early May sunlight pouring in sideways through the trees lining Summit Avenue, Theresa and I walked briskly to the University Club, bound for a lecture from the author of a book on the tumultuous nature of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's relationship. The building stood tall and regal, a(more)
Amy was the most popular girl in high school. Not coincidentally, she was pretty, blonde, blue-eyed, skinny, blah-blah-blah. But she had her own unique calling card.    

Amy was a queen bee without a king and liked to have her pick of princes. Every weekend when her mom was(more)
They liked to cause mischief together, the fox and the wolf. They lived in the woods behind people's houses, exploring by day, yipping and howling by night. Josie was a pretty fox – russet body, graceful black legs, bushy tail, head an elegant triangle with big ears perched on(more)
yesterday I wrote this poem:

lucky I live
in a place that goes cold
so wind can turn crisp
and leaves can turn gold
"Like, MONEY," I said. "Why does it have to run our lives?" I knew she agreed with me, but she was the one with a real job, sitting in an office from 9 each morning to 7 at night, answering calls, meeting clients, and most importantly, always trying to(more)
what are we if not
passengers of time and space
forever hurtling
"Barry Fox? I don't really care about him anymore," she threw out casually, setting down the glass of scotch. "You know, that whole thing was some kind of happy mistake I doted on like some," she gestured upward with her hand, as if reaching for the words, "some sick(more)
Tall, curved ceiling, voices echo. Voices
present, voices past – ghost voices. Floor
reflects fluorescent lights, doors line
one side. Old man reads, young men
play ping pong. A man runs by. This
is a place for waiting, a place to sit (more)
all that separates us is a pane of glass.
we sit and look at the flowing mass of black water in front of us, carrying its history on its liquid back, ticking away time with each mini-wave
we talk, occasionally turn to smile at each other
through the glass(more)