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When Alfred came back to his dorm that afternoon, the sight greeting him wasn't one he was expecting. His roommate was reclusive at best. This habit had only grown more noticeable once summer came, both having opted to stay at school and work there over the summer. Alfred would(more)
Falling in love with Lovino was like a going through a root canal.

First trying to deal with the Southern Italian earned only headaches and bruises--despite the small size, the slim man could pack a /punch/. His bite /was. just as bad as his bark, don't be fooled(more)
"Just calm the fuck down already, your presentation is perfect, just like it always is." Lovino consoled, or as well as Lovino Vargas could console with gruff words and a low baritone voice.

Ludwig sighed heavily in response, frowning at his computer a moment more. "Are you sure?(more)
There was just something about Prussia's voice. It was different from Germany's--well, anyone would know that. But you'd think that there would be some similarities, after all. Romano sounded at least a little like Veneziano when he was sleepy or in a really, really good  mood--though the Italian pointing this(more)
"That was certainly...enlightening."

Feliciano's smile froze at those words, stuck to his face as he continued to fiddle mindlessly with his camera. He could feel the piercing stare against his shoulders. It was enough to make his skin crawl, really. "V-Ve, like Turkey said, I've mellowed out!" He(more)
Jealousy was something Lovino was used to--it got him bad all the time. Jealous of Feliciano, usually--who else would it be? Antonio? Ha! Who'd be jealous of /that/ oblivious idiot? He even made /Feliciano/ seem intelligent some days. That's not Lovino just being mean because he hates how, despite(more)
Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

"You have one new message."

"Motherfucking hell, it's three in the goddamn morning..."

With a grimace, Lovino swatted blindly at his phone until the light vanished. One thing that everyone should know is that you /don't/ wake this Italian up. Not in (more)