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There are songs about being left behind, about someone you love going away. There are songs about break-ups and death and watching your lover walk away from you.

But what happens when you're the one leaving? When all you want to do is stay in their arms but(more)
I’m pretty sure that the footprints are supposed to lead me somewhere. Or to something. Or away from something. I haven’t figured that out quite yet.

I do know, however, that the footprints are never ending. I have been traveling for over a month, and no matter where(more)
The only thing I can say is "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and the tears fall so fast and the salt stains my cheeks. But I'm so calm, so composed even while sobbing, and that frightens me even more than the apologies do.
On the Fourth of July, Max spent more than an hour cleaning up Mr. Cawley's front lawn.

He protested, but all signs pointed to him. There were seven grandchildren and therefore seven cans of Silly String. The profane words sprayed on Mr. Cawley's front door were red, and(more)
I didn't even think that people had attics like this. You know—full of dusty globes and thick volumes of near-ancient books and vintage wedding dresses.

Well, Miss Ettie has this kind of attic. As a little girl, I loved pushing the keys on the broken typewriter and piling(more)
He steps on to the train platform in dark jeans and a double-breasted pea coat, buttoned all the way up to his neck. He carries his umbrella under his left arm and holds a cup of black coffee in the same hand.

At the same time, she gets(more)
Blood is thicker than water, is thicker than air, is thicker than ink.

Unless, of course, you bleed ink, like me. Then I'm not sure where those defining lines are or what the hell that even means.

I could draw those lines, I suppose. With pencil, not(more)
"Take my hand," you say to me, staring up from beneath the waves. The salt spray lashes against my cheeks.

But I can't, and you know that. You know that perhaps even better than I do. I can't follow you like the fish and the tides and the(more)