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i never could have expected this.

i never could have expected that because i joined a silly website to draw pictures on that i'd start making friends. i never could have expected that they would encourage my artistic journeys, even joining me on some.

i never could(more)
blood slipping from his lips,
it drips onto the pavement cracks;
broken backs
arent a source of such a wound
but he knows he had to split his spine
to slip inside and save them. (more)
Well, this is it, I thought to myself, legs hanging over the edge of the fire escape, I'm eighteen tomorrow. I'm eighteen and I have to fully devote my life to something I'm not even sure I'm ready to commit to. I'm eighteen and I'm actually going to have(more)
He sat alone then, legs crossed, thoughts tossed over his shoulder with the rest of his belongings. It was starting to lose meaning, this big journey he'd dedicated his everything to. He'd forgotten where he came from, where he was now; for gods sake, even where he was going(more)
the slipping feeling;
the flailing, the reeling
the tumbling, the falling
the shouting, the calling
and down you go!
His skin crawled. He knew he was back again; the one he'd been trying to avoid. It was as if he could hear his rotting fingers curling around the window sill behind him, a few flights too high for anything human to reach. He held his blanket tight around(more)
She hadn't really seen him there. No, she couldn't have possibly done that - He was gone and that was that. The shadows of his life seemed to be stalking her now, pursuing her nightmares and daymares, trying to get her attention and remind her of a past she'd(more)
"Hey Les, what are you up to?"

The young woman glanced up as her partner walked into the room, pushing his glasses up his nose to get a better look at what she was doing. She sat cross legged on the green carpeting, rifling through piles and piles(more)
time froze again.

they'd done this before. it was becoming oddly normal; skirting death, living on the boarder between this life and the next. for some reason, they'd begun to find some sort of comfort in it - each time they survived, they had another escape from dying(more)
you'd heard that piano before. no, not the tune, but the piano itself. the instrument, though you had no possible way of  seeing it right now, was most definitely something you'd heard played before. the pianist sounded familiar, too.
she reached forward and wrapped her arms together
in a way that would open her up
because she'd been feeling rather clogged;

so she spread her shoulder blades
and waited for the waterfall of colors and shades (more)
The cold, hard ground still shook under me. The pulses were not as violent as before, but none the less, my bones felt that they might shatter at any moment. It was such an unnerving feeling that I almost had to find it disgustingly fascinating.
i shook off the few drops that still clung to it, hoping the ink wouldn't run. words and nature always seemed best in tandem, but only if the words survived nature's trials. at the moment, nature seemed to be winning.
i can't even feel
the hands around me
the touch, abounding
they brush, hearts sounding
above all this madness
the pain and the sadness (more)