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There is a wooden hand slipping into my heart. It's his. He whispers that he loves everything about me and I feel pin-pricks of tears curling around my eyes. I did not know, I did not know that happiness like this exists.
The diaspora spreads from one continent to another. My being is creased and it lines lives like a wailing wall. I stand down, bodies erupt, and I am yours beyond the world that exists.

I love you, I murmur, Voice clenching into a thousand notes. You are m(more)
Where do they go when the lines stop closing in? There's a shot in the dark and my eye is black and I've seen the future like a wilting poem. So find something incandescent in your soul and tie it to a tree. Die like an angel, weep like(more)
Some things are not black or white. Some things are gray and mess and your conscience billows out in a million directions. Some things go bump in the night but usually they aren't the goblins and ghouls you dreamt of as a child, they are your dad smashing the(more)
Despite all odds, there is a magnet inside you clawing to get out. Bleeding, begging, to zip across your chest and link to another human being with gravitational force. There is this thing inside you calling and weeping and gnashing you apart. The need need need of loneliness. (more)
It never happens the way you hope it will. Instead your hairy is greasy and you can't find deodorant and you're sitting in your room, stunned to death, thinking the same thought over and over again: I think I love?
Here we have a case of mistaken identity. There is a man at the door with a gun. His finger is on the trigger and he is licking his lips. Now tell me love, who are you really?

I recoil like a snake. The lies are too deep(more)
Do you hear it? The sounds of our hearts thrumming away in our chests in unison. Some strange dirge of You and I. A song that leaks out of us minute by minute, day by day. A song of love and pain and blood molecules racing against that ever-present(more)
It's that time again when your heart is clocking away in your chest and every sound in your ears is buzz buzz buzzing. Dip into your soul and say those words, the words that scare you to your very core: "I am in love."
Let the record play, vinyl in my heart, guitar solo, drums erupting like fire. Let the band go on and my mind get drunk and every little sound has a meaning beyond this moment. I will head-bash to their songs and shuffle across my room like I'm on stage.(more)
She broke my heart into a thousand tiny knives. Each shard was a death wish. Each molecule wanted to draw blood. She broke my heart like I was nothing, like I was no one, like a red-eyed Queen yelling "Off with his head!"
There's a blue thing inside me the sounds like the ocean but tastes like a dream. I think to myself, am I dead? Is this arctic blue just a daydream? Will it coast on for centuries, a blue so deep it blesses your heart?
There's something blasphemous that comes from within. A restraint, an enigma, that thing wrapped in black that rips you to shreds. So don't listen to it. Don't tape it to your wall. Just rush forward with ease and let bygones become memories and memories become wastelands and then let(more)
The prayers in my mouth are leaking. They are pressing themselves into my tongue and hurling themselves again the wall of my teeth. They are marching onward, determined to be seen, determined to make their way out onto the open air.
The haiku of daily rain is pressing itself into my skull. I'm not sure how much longer I can stand it. I am a wilted lily, a dusty shelf, I am sitting here like an afterthought breathing in the silence. So here's to praying it never fucking rains again(more)