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So many layers that cross my mind. Here in the expanse, out on the truck, my whole self goes haywire. Suddenly I'm sixteen and high on shrooms. Suddenly strangers wake me up in the morning and I sleep 16 hours a day and everything is strange and different and(more)
The words in my mouth are combing together so seamlessly. I am lost, irretrievably, and all that is succinct is the pain in my ears. A ceaseless wringing. A sickness so constant and so pressured that it feels as if my skull is going to explode. Sometimes I wish(more)
At the deli I contemplate my order. It seems of utmost importance that I get it just right, that my decision is inclusive and satisfying and it seems that whether I choose turkey or ham, mustard or mayo, tomato or lettuce will determine how well I know myself, how(more)
The dragon tooth lays haplessly placed, an item on the ground bubbling and burning. My mind thinks it eerie, my heart finds it wild, my tingling hands  rush forward to grab, to touch, to hold, to consume it.
Oh my dear as the winds wind westward our words hollow out like lotions amidst the stars. There is too much talk and too much pain and every other world blows a bomb in my soul. I'm sorry I couldn't love you the way that you needed. I'm sorry(more)
There is something barbaric in the way his speech cuts me. There is something wild and frenzied in that throaty call, the taste of a man calling out into the blackness. All I hear is my hormones pounding and my lips pursing out into the cosmos.  
There is no tree to tall to block my view. Every leak and every details fits in. It is a beautiful cemetery of words and thoughts and slowly decomposing bodies. Life is ugly, my love, never forget that.

There are words and syllables and curses and insanity. Ever(more)
The mosquito on my shoulder stings like a stranger. I jump up, the pain like a yelp, no words in my mouth. Every day and every moment find me here: in the past, gagaing the world like a misty dream. No more lies and no more secrets. I want(more)
There is no question of who you are to me. You limbs and tour body eclipse into me like a memory or a thought. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being that human who glares at my eyes like they are diamonds, who looks at me with love(more)
There is stardust in your eyes. There is only a wild stench and minds clipping into pieces.  There are only hearts and blood and pieces of cadavers that cull together to form some being almost human. There is only the worry, the fear. There is only the beauty, the change.(more)
Her lips trace the lines in mine. I feel like a hologram glinting in the sun. I have come early and I have come weary. I need that taste in my mouth and the echo reaches in and around.

She was early, ahead of time like an eeri(more)
The mind is a complex and confusing minefield. There are things that burn your skin. There's lovers pressing their whole beings together. How do you make sense of it all?

I only question the daylight. I marry my mind to the night. I frolic and I am frantic(more)
The silence fills me up. It triggers my limbs and it brushes my belly. It calls out to you in slippery speech. I am inside the gaze and beyond it. I see you watching me and I watch myself drinking you in you. Your blood taste like cola, you(more)
My head is above water at last. With every breath the oxygen tastes like honey and I'm breathing, I'm breathing, I'm breathing after so long. What once felt like drowning now is a million miles away. That clenching pulse in my stomach, the one that burned tears into my(more)
In the lane as light flickers blindly the savior emerges, a ghastly thing, a yellow call in that pitch black night. Surreptitious, enigmatic, there is no answer but the man at the door. He's yelling a dream, he's coaxing a condor.