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Splitting is up, one two one two. Splitting is up, like a piece of fucking pie. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you split up a torso.

No stare down at the body. What do you see? Do you see veins and blood and matter? Or do yo(more)
You're a label maker, aren't you? A neat little filer and folder. You smudge and you clean until the world around you is pristine. I've known that about your for a long time. I've known but I haven't cared.

What would a room look like with you i(more)
I haven't written in so long. The words are slow syrup and I'm sitting here, indulging in my own sadness. I've written and I've painted and my little heart is still empty as hell.

There she is - always trying to fill herself up. (more)
It started with the words. A gusto of angels angling to rip lips from my skull. Then, it fell off. something changed. A word and a gasp merged into something sinister and I whispered "I love you" to the sky.

How does one love an inanimate object? I'v(more)
The time slips slowly and noises dribble across my consciousness. There is a sudden wail, a tender moan, a voice like chaos shouting in a language I do not know. The voices carry on day and night, echoes reverberating on for what seems like hours. Moans and wailing and(more)
Peeling wallpaper, your amber hair. These are the things I remember. The scar on your wrist, the taste of chocolate cake on your bed, the little notes you left me.

There are a million words and a million sounds and I am making none of them. I a(more)
There you are, like quicksand. Hands standing behind backs and lips immersed in something strange. The words leak out and I am in love and if no one hears nothing else I want you all to know that I am lost but searching.
I am the little words that pass you lonely. I am the gasps and the screams and the pain. I am the hollow end, the painful push, that last little bit of hurt you can take.

I am that painful thing that reminds you what is to b(more)
Things always pile down on you when you don't want them to. At your wit's end, with the razor blade to your neck, sweat pooling down your back, you think "I can't do this shit anymore" and that's when it happens. Things don't clear up. You don't get a(more)
In those eyes I see the friendly fire. I see the egg on the face, the mud and the tar, all the little ugly bits that tear relationships to shreds.

It's in those eyes that she first saw the volcanoes. The anguish, the angry, skin striking skin lik(more)
I walk downtown with my heart thumping in my fingertips. There is ecstasy and agony and pain and love. But through it all, I am someone alive. I am conscious and living and the breath I take feels like a hundred gusts. The breath I lost feels tornadoes inside(more)
In an urban dream I lifted my little limbs to a stranger named Vinny. A lover existed beyond everything the words that expressed. I am actually a human beyond your words. I live like a stranger but I dream of movie stardom and lies. I am a million people(more)
In clouded vision, I always say images. Hazy and obtuse...but present. Wild. Exhilarating. I tried to tell the woman I loved of the pain her heart caused me, but oh that is a taboo beyond vision, now isn't it.

There was carnage and angelic truths. There was vision(more)
That little bed
Where secrets go
To whisper
Their last words

That graveyard (more)
There's a lot of things to see but I'm gonna need you to tighten up baby, tighten up.

What do you mean? Tighten up what?

Your heart. Your soul. Your pain. That little icky things inside you that hurt and sting. The vicious comments, the neglect an(more)