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Stacks and stacks of hipsters line the boulevards, wrapped in scarves, covered in snow and shivering with irony.

Cigarettes tiptoe downstairs and around fountains.
I'm following you with bottles and ribbons. Don't look. They're rattling all over the place, and it's messy. Really messy.

I'm also following you with a murder of crows, and a whipped cream pie with your name on it. In cherry sauce.

I'm following you with adorati(more)
Good morning
that moment of curses
and bottles and flowers
in the pillow

Last night is a headache (more)
Now with your back, now with your thighs, now with your buttocks...

And now with your tongue, your eyes, and your name.

We've been here before. Sweat settles on your brow. Population: 576.

Sex is  tough, but a pleasure. This is harder. The crimp of rock betwe(more)
I gave her a pebble. She took me to Everest.

I made her cry, she showed me the Nile.

There were nights of bats and bioluminescent creatures moving like galaxies sped up beneath rippling water.

Mornings held the promise of kisses. From her to me(more)
We lay wounded and facing the sea. Above us, marble columns were falling. I told her I loved her, and her eyes looked at me roundly, like candies. Two of them, and pretty.

In the moment before the smashing of our skulls, I tried to embody her gaze(more)
I came to you with wood and nails, glue and a pile of dreams. You said we should start with a sand castle. I responded with joy -- jumping rope wildly.

After the sand castle came the cruise ship; after the cruise ship came the sea. We were(more)