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After she’d finished crying she tried to enumerate the ways in which she was, as he’d put it, “like a fish”:

1. Slippery? Nope. She’d made it as clear as she could that she wasn’t going anywhere. She was well and truly committed to the long-term. (Keyword here(more)
there's a lot more poetry on here lately.
i know not why
but many of my favourite writers
have taken to expressing in verse.

is it easier to write? (more)
The headline band chugged along, the thumping reggae basslines flowing like thick, sweetened cream around the natural amphitheatre of the grassy crater. The end of a great festival topping off a long, sweaty Summer. Okay, let’s be honest, it was a pretty average festival, but it was good to(more)
From my trusty Mac dictionary:

"escape velocity"
the lowest velocity that a body must have in order to escape the gravitational attraction of a particular planet or other object.

So what’s the escape velocity of a relationship then? For a one-night stand o(more)
Despite his protestations to the contrary, Marcus had been proven spectacularly wrong as far as the family was concerned.

"There's no point playing the lottery," he had declared. "You've got more chance of being killed in a car crash than hitting the jackpot."

That the casual little(more)
Hang on. It's not my fault you forgot. You can't just say to someone, "remind me to do XYZ later on, will you?" and then get pissy when they fail to remind you. You forgot, too did you not? You don't get to pass all obligation for said remembrance(more)
Well that idea is well and truly out the window now. And I had the perfect plan, the perfect seduction.

School ball, senior year. Had been laying the groundwork for weeks with Carly Grenfell, and tonight it was all going to culminate in me being irresistibly awesome and(more)
"Basement, please," I muttered, casually.

"There's no basement, sir," came the reply from the elevator operator.

"Then what's that extra button for?" I asked, pointing at the unlabelled circle of brushed metal at the bottom of the control panel.

He smiled, one of those I'll-break-your-neck-if-you(more)
He was drunk on the bus, drunk in the street, drunk on the toilet, drunk at work. Where wasn't he drunk? "Nowhere" is the answer to that question. And he wasn't a funny, endearing drunk, either. He was obnoxious, aggressive and, occasionally, violent. But we let him get away(more)
A lot happened in that parking lot. Drugs, violence, sex (consensual and non-) — but I had nothing to do with it. Even though I lived next door — my 4th-floor apartment provided an excellent view of many late-night shenanigans — my world was entirely separate and I was(more)
At school Kevin bullied Raymond. Naturally, Raymond loathed every piss-soaked, wedgied minute of it, but he took a modicum of solace knowing that one day Kevin would be bowing and scraping before him asking whether he'd like fries with his order. Raymond would be polite yet condescending to the(more)
It was the sex that ruined everything.

Brent was a top bloke, the best party leader we'd ever had. Oozed charisma, summarised key policy positions in pithy, news-friendly soundbites and—amazingly for a politician—people trusted him. I know—unbelievable, right? We were a shoe-in for the next election.
My name is Leo Darwin Crabbe and I was born this way:

At three in the morning less than two days ago a strange man tore my Mummy's belly open and pulled me violently from my watery paradise. I was not at all happy—and I let everyone know(more)
It always starts the same way—I stare at the latest trigger, mind blank. A few long moments as my mind engages itself in battle: Demon#1 (let's call him 'Cyril') says, "Forget it, punk, you got nothing, try again later," and Demon#2 ('Basil') fires back, "Just start, see what happens."(more)
Zero G. That's where I'm supposed to live, I think.

But short of taking up permanent residence on the International Space Station, I'm going to have to make do with the occasional aerobatic sojourn where, for a few precious seconds at the crest of each loop, I get(more)