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Slightly shut his eyes, preparing for a very long sleep. The day had been rough--too many fights with too many pirates. They were quite lucky that the Indians had joined in, confusing the ruckus and giving the Lost Boys an unintentional means of escape. They had run, leaving behind(more)
It had been there for as long as any of them could remember. Stiff bark that looked as though it would crumble in the wind, but stood firm. Nibs had told Wendy of the time that the Lost Boys had meant to strip the entire tree of its bark(more)
Staring at the old lagoon was difficult for her. She felt a choke in her throat and the wetness of fear and sentimentalism in her left eye. It occurred to her that maybe this was her home. If she were really the smart one here, then she would stay(more)
This was it, the moment that they had been preparing for. The  Captain had lowered his flag, which could only mean one thing: they were going ashore. The Captain meant to hunt them down.
Peter grinned from behind the trunk of the great Elm tree. "It's time, boys."
The Los(more)
"Are you our mother?" the Twins were always so adamant that Wendy answer the question before she sent them to bed -- that ever-present confirmation had become a highlight of their routine.
"Of course she is!" Peter said, his voice assuring them with the weary understanding of someone whos(more)
Wendy's lips pursed, and she cocked an eyebrow at the boy before her. "And?"
"I don't know!" Peter exclaimed, throwing his arms into the air. "Children? Beautiful, wonderful, free, adventurous! Tree-dwellers and nymphs of the forest. Ancient and restless and pure and great!"
She couldn't help but let her(more)
Michael gulped, eyes shut tightly with his refusal to look down. Here, standing in the face of Big Ben's clocktower, Michael believed that nobody should have to look down. It was so very high up.
He felt a hand grab his, and he tilted his head upwards, opening hi(more)
The hunt was on. Having ducked behind the trunk of a great Elm tree, Fox was sure that he had lost the rest of the boys. Peter would be so proud--Fox was, of course, the cleverest of the Lost Boys. He shimmied up the trunk, swinging himself up onto(more)
A wide grin spread across his freckled face and he glanced behind him. The boys were still wandering forward, some tripping over the sleek stones and squealing noisily as they fell into the icy water. "When will they ever learn," he muttered to no-one. "Up ahead!" he exclaimed, a(more)