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The story is amazing, and so is the writing. The words flow; and the characters know only as much as they should. Will I ever become as good as this? The plot flies by, paragraph by paragraph, page by page, and my eyes skim the chapters with such intensity(more)
In a sonata, the development is the part when life gets interesting and things begin to change. The key changes and there are plot changes, all carefully placed between a theme and its reiteration, the lifeline to the piece.  Chord progressions shift with ever-changing moods, feeling through a blindfold for(more)
what is


pits of despair and (more)
I’m livin’ life on the edge, excited for each minute, and always ready for somethin’ new. My humdrum life would be in danger of becomin’ monotonous if I did not do so, ‘cause I’m tryin’ to live life like there’s not enough time—it’s not hard. There really isn’t enough(more)
From inside the warm cloud of air, you watch the outside of the windowpanes. Fog blurs the cold shapes and colors moving past in the background. You’re protected from the falling rain, but somehow it tears at your heart: no matter how warm it is inside, you still feel(more)