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I tell my mom my classmates are calling me a fag in the Dairy Queen drive-thru line.

"No, no, no. One medium Heath Blizzard. Not two. One. And one Snickers" she entreats to the loudspeaker while squeezing my leg just above the knee. The squeeze says, "I'm listening,(more)
Every time I'm here, I get "Islands in the Stream" stuck in my head. I can see, like, half a dozen craggy peaks jutting through the clouds and it immediately slashes through the sky and smacks me. God, it's annoying.
The city lights sprayed a mosaic across your naked, sun-darkened back. I traced each irregular spot with my finger, my heart beating faster with each one mapped until I couldn't take it anymore. I had to kiss them, lick them, consume them.
These lightning bolts strike at the worst times. As I'm sitting on the bus, with nothing in my bag. When I'm watching TV. Sometimes, when I'm in the shower. They blind me for a moment, maybe two, and then they vanish. If I'm not prepared, I'll lose them forever.(more)
As a kid, I thrashed the sheets for hours, waiting for sleep to drag me under. Insomnia perched on my headboard, reminding me the bullies waited on the other side of the night. My security blanket was a television set perched beside my bed. After the lights went out,(more)
Life drags Suzannah down. Each morning, she sees the same face in the mirror, same clothes on the body, same breakfast on the plate. She suffers the morning commute to a cubicle of the most intense beige. Her phone rings, monitor buzzes, light hisses. Her faces sags through the(more)
Every time I sit down to write, these filthy floors need to be vacuumed.
I took it all for granted.

I ran through thick Midwestern summer evenings, waist deep in curdled soil bristling with wheat. The eerie drone of cicadas reached the highest branches, burrowed into the deepest holes. In the gloaming, the fireflies rose.

When I was very young, I(more)
And after the day was done, they settled into bed. Sean tied a bandana around his eyes to block out the light Mark read by. He read for another half hour before quietly turning out the light, sliding deeper into the blankets, gently patting Sean's head, and easing into(more)
What could I say about the unease? It sat there, sort of gnawed at my guts. I woke up one morning and there it was. Can't really describe it. Pissed me off, though.

After a few months, I tried religion. Thought maybe God might set my ass straight.(more)
This brain inside my head is at capacity,
its thoughts are not fluid, too rigid to retrieve.

I see channels gaping where rivers used to be,
banks grown parched and gritty from total atrophy.
My involuntary revelation shakes me. I'm empty. For four days, I've occupied the same shapes, positions. My preference for the habitual now necessity. I shake a foot, pick a nail, chew a cheek to dissipate the endless anxiety. I cast hexes to keep me tethered to sanity. They work,(more)