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Have you ever stretched a canvas? You don't even need to use fancy cloth - I guess you probably should but you definitely don't have to - just some old sheets you have lying around, ones without bobbles, sheets not worn too thin by over-washing and frequent, strange stains(more)
I love irons. Not so much ironing - I rarely iron (as a verb) unless I'm going somewhere that won't let me pass off my crinkles as stylistic or my mother forces me too, during brief, cramped home visits - but the function and form of them.
The heat haze rises lazily from the narrow slits of the radiator. I wave hands through the warmth and rub my fingers together. Fast. Faster. I lay my fingers on the slits and bring the back immediately. I crush them to my lips immediately. I kiss the burns. (more)
The two of them stood side by side, cans of spray paint spread across the pavement. Their heads are tipped to the side like confused dogs. The orange light of the street lamp striates over the puddles and through the bored air currents rushing rubbish impatiently down the street.     (more)